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Tanned Fur

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Rehydration & Hide Preparation


At Fur Tanning Co we use a unique method of tanning that encourages you to rehydrate your skins in a specific manner. The following instructions will allow you to get the best results on your hides and capes.

  1. In luke warm water submerge medium size capes such as Deer and Antelope for 20 minutes. On larger capes such as Moose and Elk submerge for no longer than 30 minutes.
  2. After soaking hang cape and squeeze off excessive water and allow draining for 15 minutes.
  3. After 15 minutes tightly Horse up (Roll skin-to-skin tightly overnight) the cape with the face to middle over night.
  4. Proceed with mounting.

For Flat Skins and rugs:

  1. Sponge entire skin side of hide with ample warm water. (DO NOT SUBMERGE).
  2. Horse up with face to middle over night.
  3. Proceed with mounting.

Hide Preparation:

The most important step of taxidermy or tanning is how well the hides or pelts are prepared, prior to the tannery or taxidermist receiving the shipment. Remember, the quality of your finished hides or pelts depend on the customer prep work. This should include, timely manner on skinning, fleshing, salting and drying the hides or pelts. These steps should ensure the hides or pelts will remain at the highest quality possible.


All specimens must be properly prepared before shipping.

  1. Properly flesh all meat and heavy fat from the hide.
  2. Ears, lips, and eyes turned.
  3. Faces, paws fleshed and nose, tail split.
  4. Salt all hides and hang on rack to 75% dryness. This helps prevent bacteria from growing.
  5. Do not over dry it will cause skins to become brittle and could cause damage when folding.
  6. Box up using strips of newspapers for packaging materials as it will absorb any moisture left. Do not put in plastic bags as it could cause hair slippage.
  7. Shipping - We prefer using Ups or FedEx please ship on Mondays or Tuesdays so we will receive your packages before the weekend.


Rehydration and
    Hide Preparation

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